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Subscriber Accountability at the Grass Roots Level

Changing Market Environment
Governmental telemarketing restrictions and various marketing road blocks have, once again made door-to-door sales the most cost effective method of subscriber acquisition.

Frontline Management recognizes their accountability to you and your subscribers.

  • Territory accountability
  • High contact ratios to homes issued.
  • Maximum sales ratios to homes passed.
  • On-site managers respond to subscriber and technical challenges as they arise.
  • Over fifty years top management experience in the cable TV industry.
  • Uniformed sales representatives with cable company logos and system specific colors.
  • Background screened sales representatives.
  • Sales representative training programs.
  • Ability to articulate high-tech products in a consumer friendly manner.
  • Knowledgeable, friendly sales staff.
  • Bilingual sales staff as needed.

Experienced personnel

Monitored quality control

Accurate record keeping

Full or visual audits

Low operational impact


Specialist due diligence

Safety training programs

Highest quality installations

Low return percentage

Branded trucks & systems


Customer Retention

Slow/No Pay Accounts

DCT & Modem Recovery

Quality Control

On-time Performance


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